Treatment Programs For OCD

There are a number of different medical and psychological treatments which are available for OCD. However, not all OCD treatment work for every OCD patient. There is the treatment-resistant OCD which does not work well for many people. In order to combat this, there are a number of intensive in-patient and residential programs which are available.

Intensive Treatment Programs

The major feature for the intensive treatment programs includes interdisciplinary care which includes the joint expertise from social workers, physicians, psychologists, counselors, occupational therapists among other healthcare professionals.

The professionals are involved in the designing of the individualized treatment plans which aim for the management of the OCD symptoms. This program aims at taking care of symptoms that have proven to be difficult to be treat while using regular therapies.

To add to these programs, there is in-patient hospitalization for a specified period of time. There are a number of programs that require hospital admission to up to 3 months while other programs only require a few weeks of admission. The admission period is all dependent on the nature of the patient and the extent of the OCD.

The extended admission is important in allowing the medication adjustment which is monitored by healthcare providers. It also provides the opportunity to undertake different cognitive behavioral therapy. With the extended programs, it provides a lot of hope for the long term management of OCD. There are studies that have proven that even the 5-day intensive inpatient program bears more help for adolescents with OCD.

Available Intensive Treatment Programs for Patients

There are two major kinds of intensive treatment programs which are available for both inpatient and residential. For example, the inpatient treatment programs are meant for people in danger of harming themselves or others that are in need of immediate care. The admission to hospital for selected time is important in avoiding the occurrence of medical crisis. This helps the patient to get back on the right track which marks the next step of treatment.

For residential treatment programs, there are meant for people who are not a risk to their lives or others. However, the patients do not respond well to the typical OCD treatments and therefore need additional support.

The residential programs occur in a home-made environment where the patient stays for a prescribed period while receiving 24-hour care. The program can last around two months period which depends on the patient.

When Is The Right Time to Search for an Intensive houston ocd program ?

In case the medication and the outpatient psychotherapy does not work well for you, and there is further worsening of the OCD symptoms which makes life difficult, it is time to search for an intensive OCD treatment program. When you still develop suicidal tendencies after treatment, you could opt for this option.

However, suicidal tendencies among OC patients is common, the need to address the issues including worsening of symptoms can be termed as a medical emergency and not just a problem that lessens the quality of your life. Therefore there is the need for a patient to subscribe to a reliable houston ocd program.